Inter Minneapolis FC


About our Sponsor - Afro Boi Entertainment:

Afro Boi Entertainment is a Minnesota-based entertainment company and record label that was founded in 2020. As a local business, Afro Boi Entertainment wants to continue to support the City of Minneapolis, which is one reason why they decided to sponsor our team. Afro Boi Entertainment sees the team’s diversity as an opportunity to bring more people together within the surrounding communities, the country, and the world through music, sports, and art.  


Afro Boi Entertainment is proud to be working with WUSSMUZIKK Production, JUSEAZY Production, and Yaksta, also known as Bushlawd. In his work, Yaksta discusses significant global topics, such as hunger, poverty, global warming, racial and social  injustice, and generational wealth, which enhances necessary attention and conversations for such issues. 


Despite being a relatively new label, Afro Boi Entertainment has already produced a song titled Ambition by Yaksta (BushLawd).


Thank you for your continued dedication and hard work, Afro Boi Entertainment!


For inquiries please contact our CFO, Jeremy Mitchell, at