Inter Minneapolis FC


Player of the Week - Prince

Published Mar 9, 2021

Prince - Player Profile 


Defensive midfielder Prince Akonkoh started his journey with soccer while living in Ghana. He began playing as a child and hasn’t stopped since. Even as a child, he was always passionate about the game. He started to play competitively in the Lizzy Sports Complex Academy in Ghana on their U10, U12, U15, and U17 teams throughout the years. After that, he went on to play on Five Stars, a division 3 team in Ghana. 


When he was younger, Prince recalls it being difficult to play as much as he wanted to because of school. However, Prince tried to play soccer every chance he could get. While in Ghana, one of Prince’s fondest memories was scoring a last-minute goal in a tied game to win the game. It is because of memories like these that Prince is so passionate about the game of soccer. 


After leaving Ghana and moving to the United States, he joined Inter Minneapolis FC. Prince loves that Inter Minneapolis FC has given him the opportunity at a semi-professional level, as it is a dream of his to turn soccer into his career. 


On Inter Minneapolis FC game days, Prince likes to wake up early and start getting focused. He likes maintaining this focus as he feels it is the best way to visualize how to play his best, and in the end, beat your opponents. He sometimes gets inspiration from watching YouTube videos with soccer highlights or watching his favorite professional team play. Overall, Prince believes that there is always something more you can learn to help you in a game someday.