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Military Appreciation - Emmaunuel "Creed" Yakah

Published Feb 27, 2021

Military Appreciation - Creed


Today we want to commemorate Inter Minneapolis FC player Emmanuel “Creed” Yakah and his upcoming service in the National Guard. We are incredibly proud of your hard work, bravery, and strength.


Creed started playing soccer while living in Africa, where his love and dedication for the sport started to grow. When he was in high school, Creed’s schedule kept him busy. He would go from school, to soccer practice and immediately after that to work. He recalls his parents wanting him to stay home and study, but his love for soccer persisted.


In Africa, there were times where Creed and some of his teammates did not have cleats, so he remembers using his school shoes as his practice shoes. Sometimes they even needed to use abandoned shoes for practice. All the while, his passion for soccer only continued to grow.


When he was 17, Creed formed his own team with his brother, where he was the coach. He loved being a coach as he would teach the team all of the things he learned while training. This ability to not only learn but also teach soccer may be one reason why Creed is described as a versatile player by his coaches and teammates.


All of this, and more, is why Creed was selected to be the captain for Inter Minneapolis FC this past year. We know Creed’s leadership will shine through everywhere he goes. 


Creed departs on March 1st for South Carolina, where he will continue his service. During his leave, everyone here at Inter Minneapolis FC will be supporting him from a distance. Inter Minneapolis FC is proud to have a player like Creed on our team. 


Thank you for your service, Creed!