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Player Profile of the Week - Carlos Ross

Published Feb 12, 2021

Player Profile - Carlos Ross


Carlos Ross has been playing soccer for 16 years. He started playing on his school's team when he was nine years old. In 7th grade, coaches saw his commitment and potential and asked him to begin academy training after his school's soccer practice. Soon thereafter, Carlos started to play professionally at Academy Punto Soccer, a 3rd division Guatemalan club team. As a 16 year old, Carlos played on his high school's soccer team every afternoon and immediately went to his club practice every evening after.


Teammates and coaches would describe Carlos as someone that always gives 100% on the field. He is someone that will try his hardest no matter what the score might say and how much time is left in the game. Off the field, Carlos is known as the teammate that makes sure everyone is having a good time, as he wants to make everyone feel welcome. His favorite part of game days is the feeling that comes from giving it everything you have and getting those results on the field, as well as being with his teammates and friends. 


Before a game, Carlos likes to show up early and listen to music, specifically the song Remember the Name, to get mentally prepared. He also likes to take a moment and pray for the players' health and that no one gets injured during the game. 


All in all, Carlos has a passion for anything related to soccer. In addition to playing soccer, Carlos loves to watch games and play soccer video games as well. He sees soccer as an extremely complex sport and loves every small part and detail that comes with it. Along with these complexities, Carlos loves the emotions that the game brings to players and fans. As a fan, his favorite professional team is Minnesota United as he loves what they represent and enjoys watching all of their games.


Carlos is most excited to see all of the team's hard work and dedication being paid off in the upcoming season. With a couple of fun rivalries, Carlos believes that it will be an entertaining and competitive season.