Inter Minneapolis FC

About Us

Founded in 2017, Inter Minneapolis FC aims to unite communities to compete and succeed at the highest level of soccer. Inter Minneapolis FC was founded by a group of soccer players and enthusiasts that met while playing soccer at Normandale Community College. The group of individuals quickly bonded over the game and soon became friends as well as colleagues. 


Formerly known as Minneapolis International FC, the club initially started competing in Latino soccer leagues. As each year passed, the club progressed into more competitive and higher levels. Soon thereafter, Inter Minneapolis FC joined the Minnesota Recreational Soccer League (MRSL) Division II and was eventually promoted to Division I in 2019.


In the club’s first logo (seen on the left below), there was a combination of flags representing the players on the team, as no two players shared the same nationalities. This was the primary reason for naming the club Minneapolis International, as this was something that made our club unique from others. This logo was used from 2017 to 2019.


In 2020, the club went through a multitude of changes, including a logo change (seen on the right above). During the Summer, the Inter Minneapolis FC participated in a team-organized tournament involving other UPSL teams. The success of that tournament showed club owners and board members the potential of competing at a semi-professional level.


In February 2021, Inter Minneapolis FC became an official part of the United Premier Soccer League. 


Today, Inter Minneapolis FC still has the same goals as it did during its founding - bringing together those from different backgrounds to bond over their love for the game of soccer.


Inter is coming, please join us for the ride.